HRM Racing wywozi z Bahrajnu drugie miejsce

It was a very intense weekend for HRM Racing Team. We took part in two events: Nautica 450 Polish Championship as part of the LOTOS Nord CUP Gdańsk Regatta and in the 2nd round of the 1. Polish Sailing League.

We won a bronze medal at the Nautica 450 Polish Championships in the following composition:

Krzysztof Małecki, crew

Kacper Olszewski, helm

More details from the event: Here


We didn’t qualify for the golden four in the 2nd round of the 1. Polish Sailing League, but we don’t up and continue our activities.

We swam in the composition of:

Tomasz Micewicz

Mikołaj Gielniak

Michał Pielaszkiewicz

Grzegorz Goździk

Keep your fingers crossed for starts in the next competitions.

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