After GC32 Lagos Cup 2023

GC32 Lagos Cup 2023 is behind us! We had various weather conditions – wind for good foiling, swell, and complete silence as well . But finally, we made three days out of the four planned . We improved; step by step, we are closing the gap between us and the top teams . In general, […]

HRM Racing Team and a session with Team ROCKWOOL Racing

The HRM Racing Team’s January session is behind us. We will remember it as an excellent opportunity to train with Team Rockwool Racing, sailing in SailGP daily. A few days of racing with the world’s best turned our boosters on! In the sky, a bit of sun, a bit of cloud… and on the water, […]

HRM Racing Team’s last training session in 2022

The last session of the HRM Racing Team in 2023 was full of excitement. After a long wait for better weather (we waited out the storm and high waves), we managed to get out on the water – video here 🙂 In the meantime, we found a moment to celebrate – after all, you only […]