HRM Racing wywozi z Bahrajnu drugie miejsce

It was a tough, but finally, happy weekend! We sailed against top teams… !

We didn’t start well. 2 losses at the beginning—one because of simply miscommunication and, therefore, a false start . We took a deep breath, cleaned out our heads, and restarted.

Saturday was under the sign of ease , we knew who was against us, but we did our best. Step by step, we moved forward .

On Sunday, Rossi chose us for the semifinals. In the first match, we lost because of a lack of experience; however, we rebounded with a fight and focus .

And the final appeared…! 3:1 against Jabłoński; we felt strong .

It is hard to point out the success point – maybe we will leave our maxim of the competition without the further comment: „my nie mamy focusa, my mamy ten luzzzz” (loose translation: „we don’t have the focus, we have the ease”).

Many thanks to all the competitors; it was a pleasure to sail against all teams .

The Team:

– Jakub Gołębiowski – skipper

– Marcelina Korszon – mainsail/gennaker

– Gustaw Miciński – foresail

– Filip Miłoszewski – bow

– Łukasz Wosiński – coach

Thank you for the support, and all crossed fingers !

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Zuzanna Wosińska – podium
Gwidon Libera – the rest