HRM Racing wywozi z Bahrajnu drugie miejsce

Last weekend our crew HRM Racing Team, representing the Yacht Club Gdańsk, appeared on the water again.

Training before the next round of the Polish Sailing League, this time took place in Sopot. The sailing conditions turned out to be perfect and allowed to refine the maneuvers. We don’t hide that we are very happy about it! The fierce competition could be watched via online broadcast and on the Sopot pier.

In the crew we saw:

  • Mateusz Błażejak – bow
  • Jakub Padzik – foresail/pit
  • Igor Tarasiuk – mainsail/tactics
  • Kacper Olszewski – foresail/pit/bow
  • Krzysztof Małecki – helm

For the motor preparation was responsible Krzysztof Chudecki.