HRM Racing wywozi z Bahrajnu drugie miejsce

The strong and gusty 25-27kn wind on the first day was a test not only for the team but also for the equipment. On the second day the weather changed completely. The wind weakened significantly to 8-10 kn and changed direction by 180 degrees. Such variable conditions allowed each crew to check, which is not always the case in sailing regattas.

We are happy with the start and the speed relative to the opponents. We mostly made good tactical decisions along the route and did not make major technical mistakes. At times, there was no consistency in the implementation of the assumed strategy, which resulted in losing several points in two races and we felt it painfully at the end of the regatta. There was little repair in the box and despite the high final deposit we still have a slight sports deficiency. And this gives us only additional motivation to train before the upcoming Polish Championships on the occasion of the Nord CUP Gdańsk Regatta!

Congratulations to rivals, in particular to the teams from TOP 3, i.e. Investy, Podfruwajki and ATP!

Thank you to bosuns and volunteers from Yacht Club Rewa. Your help on the water and on the shore deserves special recognition. Chapeau bass!

We started in the composition:

Trim – Mikołaj Gielniak
Helm – Kacper Olszewski
CEO – Piotr Harasimowicz
Coach (choć zdalnie, to obecny mentalnie 😉 ) – Łukasz Wosiński
Team manager – Mateusz Baldys