HRM Racing wywozi z Bahrajnu drugie miejsce

We have just finished the 7-day training camp, which took place in Cascais, Portugal. It was the second edition of the Training Program of the I Love Poland project, aimed at training subsequent generations of sea and ocean sailors and promoting national ocean shipping and Poland beyond its borders through participation in the most prestigious regattas.

Among laureates were Igor Tarasiuk and Jakub Padzik. The participants had a unique opportunity to take part in practical training under the supervision of the I Love Poland crew on a world-class third generation Volvo Open 70 type yacht.

Sailing conditions were great, the wind was up to 30 knots and the waves were even 5 meters high! Our competitors found out on their own that it is hard to stay dry on the yacht (despite 70 feet), and work and communication in the 14-person crew is very difficult. All this showed our competitors how challenging offshore sailing is.

We are all the more glad that among the two sailors who were invited to the permanent crew of I Love Poland was Igor Tarasiuk!

We would like to thank the Polish National Foundation for the opportunity to participate and the vast amount of knowledge that was given to us. You will find a video of the training on I Love Poland fanpage.


We are not slowing down and since Thursday we are reporting to our training base at the last training camp this year.