HRM Racing wywozi z Bahrajnu drugie miejsce

After an extremely intense week of preparations for the Danish Open 2021 in Skovshoved and 3 days of fierce sports competition, we won first place and we are returning home with the gold!

Over the past few days, the crew has consisted of:
Łukasz Wosiński – helm
Krzysztof Małecki – mainsail
Igor Tarasiuk – trim
Kacper Olszewski – pit
Mateusz Błażejak – bow

We struggled with difficult and changing weather conditions, but also with the incredibly high level represented by the other crews.

It was a great adventure and a great experience for all of us.

Tired but proud of ourselves and happy we come back home after two weeks “on the road” – it’s time to regenerate and prepare for the next events.

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