HRM Racing wywozi z Bahrajnu drugie miejsce

We started the first competition in season 2021 with elimination to Polish Sailing League, which took place on 7-9 May in Sopot.

Strong wind accompanied us throughout the competition, and despite our small body mass (76 kg on average), we achieved our goal. Out of 10 races held, 7 were sealed with victory. Thus, as one of the 14 teams, we advanced to the 1st League!

This competition was a lesson in humility and a reminder of how much an OCS and a penalty can cost in the league. It was also a solid practice before the competition phase, which starts at the end of May.

We were sailing in the following composition:

  • Tomasz Micewicz – helm
  • Kacper Olszewski – pit bow
  • Mikołaj Gielniak – trim
  • Gustaw Micinski – trim

Congratulations to all our competitors!

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