HRM Racing wywozi z Bahrajnu drugie miejsce
Yesterday we finished a two-day battle in third place 🥉 during Polish Sailing League – Round 2 🇵🇱
Surprised? We are not. We train a lot to be at the top ✌️. Our goal for PSL is to fight for the podium, but our mindset is to fight for the highest trophies❗
On the RS21, you might see the following:
Kuba Gołębiowski – skipper – the lightest guy from our team 🪶
Filip Miłoszewski – bow – the highest guy from the team 🙋‍♂️
Adrian Dubowski – jib – the most talkative of the team 🙃 (Gustaw Miciński – challenge? 😜)
Marcelina Korszon – main – the only girl in the HRM (time to change this 👭)
Marcel Montrymowicz – main – the heaviest guy from the team 🪨
Thanks to our supporters for crossed fingers 🤞.
PS For us, Polish Sailing League is a purpose in itself. However, the HRM’s primary sports goal is foiling regattas 🛫 (like the Youth Foiling Gold Cup on Persico 69F, where the yacht is close to the AC40, on which the Youth America’s Cup will be run). In the incoming weeks, you can see us boiling the water during two Persico69F training sessions in Gdynia, where we raised our Polish base 🇵🇱.
1 – Adam Bosy
2-4 – GwidonArt/Polska Liga Żeglarska